BenitoLink Junior Journalism Project: High school dance class attends first competition

Passionate San Benito High School students show their art through dance.

This article was contributed by Malia Chang with the BenitoLink Junior Journalism Project.

One of the dance classes at San Benito High School attended their first competition Jan. 19 at Valley Christian High School in San Jose. The competition was put on by West Coast Elite Dance.

Dance Class C choreographed their own routines in groups, some of which wanted to show their passion for dance with solos, duets, and trios.

Each group that performed won an award in their category:

  • Hip Hop Group – First Place
  • Latin Group – First Place
  • Bollywood Group – Second Place
  • Contemporary Group – First Place
  • Hip Hop Duo – Third Place
  • Tap Dance Trio – Fourth Place

There are three levels of dance classes at the high school based on skill: A, B, and C.

Dance C is the highest level of dance that high school students can take, where students have learned about different genres of dance such as a Bollywood or Jazz style. In Dance C, students are able to create more of their own choreography based on the genre they work in.



Malia Chang is a junior writer at San Benito High School.