Benitolink Readers: Tell us what you like and what you want more of!

In order to improve, we are asking our readers to take a few minutes and give us a little constructive feedback.

As your local news provider, and in order to serve you better, we have a few questions to ask you. We created a survey to capture in more detail who our readers are and what San Benito County residents want from BenitoLink. 

BenitoLink Fall 2021 Reader Survey

With our 10th anniversary coming in 2022, we know many of you have come to depend on us for not just news and events but matters of health and safety for your friends and family. We live here, too, and we understand how crucial local information is when it comes to understanding what is going on in the county. We want to be there for you. 

When BenitoLink was created by residents of San Benito County, we knew local government reporting needed to be brought back. Over the years, we have expanded our coverage to include in-depth reporting, consistent health and safety announcements, and more.

Current information about you, our readers, will help us to develop articles on topics we know you care about—from transportation, education, and health, to land use and government. Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey. It will greatly help us keep your interests and needs in mind as we report for you each day.

Thank you for your help with this,

Alex Esquivel, BenitoLink Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

BenitoLink Survey



Alex Esquivel

Alex Esquivel is BenitoLink’s Marketing and Media Coordinator. Alex started with BenitoLink in 2019, as part of our internship program as a graphic designer. He then became involved in marketing and media-related sectors, which led him to his current position. Alex is a San Benito County native and a San Benito High School alumni. Alex graduated from Gavilan College with an Associate's Degree in Digital Media and is currently attending San José State University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Design Studies and Media Marketing.