BenitoLink sustaining donors double their investment

Monthly donations bolster BenitoLink’s financial health.

This article was contributed by BenitoLink Board Member Lois Locci.

Instead of donating once a year in a chunk, Sustaining Donors commit to support the BenitoLink platform monthly. We benefit from steady, year-round funding to sustain local news and in-depth research or investigative reports. As a nonprofit news operation, BenitoLink is the community’s own news source as well as a place for widespread, open  discussions.

In this year’s Pledge of Champions, a treasured circle of Sustaining Donors will see their monthly contributions to BenitoLink doubled. Long-time supporter Christine Breen used to donate once a year but now says she prefers a monthly donation instead of a one-time payment.

“I like knowing that my donation helps BenitoLink’s cash flow, supporting the business itself,” Breen said.

Thanks to three major donors and NewsMatch―a national call-to-action that supports nonprofit news organizations like BenitoLink―we’re eligible for a matching gift opportunity up to $50,000.

For example, a monthly contribution of $50 per month or $600 per year totals $1,200 for BenitoLink.

On a larger scale, if 100 readers gave $25/mo, or $300 per year, that would be $30,000.

Sustaining Donor contributions to BenitoLink touch many lives, each month reaching more and more readers and making it possible for us to sustain a non-partisan platform for community conversations.

BenitoLink belongs to everyone. Community members submit original opinion pieces and contribute comments to articles once they register on BenitoLink. Thousands of readers receive current news highlights in the free newsletter emailed weekly.

To add your name to this select company of Sustaining Donors, choose a contribution level comfortable for you by clicking Donate. Join Benitolink’s wide variety of supporters, like Harriet Brin, long-time leader with Friends of the San Benito County Free Library.

“I appreciate BenitoLink because it is a way for me to see what is happening in Hollister since I lived there so long and now live in Utah,” Brin wrote. “Keep up the good work.”

With questions about this year’s Pledge of Champions and becoming a Sustaining Donor, contact executive director Leslie David at [email protected] or call (831) 801-1356. To learn how you too can contribute articles or commentaries on BenitoLink, reach me at [email protected] and (408) 506-0801.



Lois Locci

A Hollisterian since 1999 (and a Silicon Valley escapee), Dr. Locci taught English and Intercultural Communication at De Anza College in Cupertino for years before adding a second career as chair of the education department of UC Extension, providing professional training in four counties and three countries. Also at UC, Dr. Locci led the development of Advanced Placement® and honors courses for the University of California College Prep Online until retiring in 2012. She served a four-year term as Trustee for Gavilan Joint Community College District and currently serves on the board of BenitoLink. She lives with her extended family in "Southside Valley."