photo of Bob Reid

Welcome to BenitoLink’s new site!

We are excited to offer this site to the San Benito County community. We have been working for several months to incorporate suggestions made by the community and to fine tune some of the things we have learned in the time we have been on-line.

BenitoLink is an opportunity for the people of San Benito County to help create a place to collect and share our news and information.


We have provided the container and if you have taken any time to look around the site you have noticed, it is huge! It can hold a vast amount of information, articles, government data, photos,videos, classifieds, and whatever our imaginations can come up with. BenitoLink can do all that was formerly done by the function of a local newspaper and much more!  BenitoLink gives you the opportunity to contribute, rather than simply consume, the news. You can share your articles with friends and relatives anywhere the internet goes.


We know that BenitoLink is only of value when it is filled with the news and information you want to have.

In this new era of media, when everyone is walking around with devices which can communicate information, take photos, and video, everyone is potentially a reporter with the ability to share the information they are experiencing.


BenitoLink relies upon those of you who are willing to contribute the news you experience and your thoughts and opinions as well as the experiences of others.

BenitoLink seeks to be the Town Plaza where we all gather. The place you can go to find out what is happening.

Just as in the Town Plaza, we don’t all have to agree! BenitoLink is the place for everyone’s opinion to be heard. If we are truly providing a platform for everyone, it is guaranteed that you will read opinions, or perspectives that you may, or may not agree with. We know that not everyone in San Benito County thinks the same way about issues, that is why they are issues. BenitoLink is the platform for them all. We only ask that everyone be respectful in their interactions.


We have simplified our registration to make it easier for you to participate. It is no longer necessary to register to make comments, or to post calendar events. If you wish to post an article, or opinion piece, you may post it first and then register. Articles will be published once registration has been completed.


We are in a new era in news and information. It seems easier to find out what has happened on some far away continent than it does to find out what is happening in your own town. “What were all those sirens about last night?”or, ” Whatever happened to ????”.

We hope to begin to fill that gap. Speaking of gaps, you will notice that not all of our areas have content yet. We hope that you will help us to do that. If you have a group which meets, a soccer league, some strong opinions, or something you would like to sell, do it on BenitoLink!


The more we all put into it, the more we all get out of it!

See you at the Launch Party!