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I hope you all  had  a Happy Easter!  It sure was a beautiful day to be outside to enjoy the day with family and friends.  Many Easter celebrations took place in South County over the weekend.

Lisa Smith hosted an Easter celebration BBQ at her home on Sunday afternoon.  Some of those enjoying the day with her included her dad, Jim Smith, Vern and Joann Scattini, Gregg, Sami Jo, Rory and Jo Ellen Johnson and Jo’s roommate, Tury, Les Sans and Becky Doty and Johnny Joe and Darlene Maggini and their family.
Johnny Joe and Darlene’s grandkids came up a few days early to spend some time with them before the big celebration on Sunday.


Roberta Oswald had her annual Easter party on Saturday April 19 and about 75 relatives and friends attended the event.  Aunt Nix made her famous beans and potato salad which everyone enjoyed.  Her nephews BBQ’d steaks, sausage and chicken and everyone else brought the side dishes.  They had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, hiked, played ball, swam, danced, sang and camped out.  Family photos were taken of Aunt Nix with several generations of nieces and nephews.  


Hec and Kasey Hurley hosted an Easter BBQ/birthday party at their place on Sunday.  Besides Easter, they also were celebrating Tryan’s 7th birthday.  Some of those celebrating with them included Nessen Schmidt, Kay Tavernetti, Sarah Schmidt, Mike and Brandi Garza, Tom and Wendy Willougby, Blake, Jessika and Tulsa Willoughby, Andy, Tamra and Wacey Barrington, Mattie Barrington and Cody and Bruston Grandy, Will Centoni, Caleb Johnsen, Jim and Betty Barrington, Andy and Meredith Anderson, J.W., Candace, Emily, Sarah and Katie Brewen and me, Todd and Brody, just to name a few.


    21st birthday wishes go out to Katie Donham who celebrated her birthday on Easter Sunday.  Another Bitterwater Tully alumi all grown up, hard to believe all the girls from Sierra’s class are all 21!  Andy Barrington celebrated his birthday last Thursday and Brandi Garza celebrated her birthday on Monday.  Happy Birthday everyone!


Apparently, a big semi truck took the wrong route the other day out in Bitterwater and decided to try to make U-turn by the school.  Unfortunately his truck was too wide to make the turn and he took half the fence in front of the school along with him.  Thanks to some smart thinking by some Bitterwater folks, they were able to snap a picture of the trucks license plate as it drove away so the school will hopefully get reimbursed for the damages.


Weather forecasters are predicting a little rain this week so keep your fingers crossed that we actually get some.  Have a great week and be sure to give me a call or e-mail me at