Rain, rain, beautiful rain!  What a great storm we had last week.  I haven’t seen so many smiling faces in a long time.  My bus run is already gettting brighter as the hills I drive along everyday now have a beautiful green tint to them.  It’s about time Mother Nature decided to bless us with some much needed rain.

    Some rain totals to report on are as follows.  Billy Whitney reported a little over two inches at the Peachtree Ranch, Vern and Jo Ann Scattini reported 3.5 inches of rain and Stacey Schmidt reported over 4 inches at the Pine Rock Ranch.  We are usually less then most people as the rain always seems to skip over our place but we were lucky enough to be right in the middle of it all this time as we had over 5 inches from Wednesday through Sunday at our place.  What a beautiful storm it was!  If it warms up a little this week, we will be able to sit back and watch the grass grow.  Don’t get to comfortable though, as we still need more rain, but we will take what we can get.

    Congratulations goes out to Taylor Hurley, another Bitterwater Tully graduate as she was recently accepted to Cal Poly, SLO.  She will be joining many other Bittewater alumni there next year as she will be majoring in animal science.  It’s hard to believe all these kids are growing up so fast, I guess that means I’m getting older!

    Maureen Harris hosted a baby shower last Saturday for Mattie Barrington at the Long Branch Saloon at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds.  Mattie is due to have a little boy this week!  She is so little she doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant!  Once again, another Bitterwater alumni growing up! 

    Speaking of newborns, the spellcheck on my computer failed me big time last week when I was reporting on Mike and Tracie Eggleston’s new baby boy, Raylan, not Greyson, is his name.  According to big sister Marley, he even opens his eyes now!  Marley is so cute, she talks about him like a puppy.  She is definetely a proud big sister.

    Marissa King, granddaughter of Randy and Susan King was accepted to a summer program with the American Ballet Theater, based in New York City.  The program she was accepted to is based in Austin, TX so she will be spending 4 weeks in Texas this summer.  It is a very costly program so Marissa will be doing several fundraisers over the next few months to help her pay for this program.  Once I get more details on some fundraisers, I will pass them on to you.  Let’s all help Marissa achieve her goal of participating with the American Ballet Theater!

    Alex, Stacey and Tristan Schmidt just returned home from a trip to Florida.  They spent a week there along with Alex’s mom Jan, and several other friends.  They got a lot of fishing in while there and also enjoyed some beautiful Florida sunshine. 

    Get well wishes go out to Heidi Hurley who was hospitalized over the weekend with an pneumonia.  We’re all sending positive thoughts your way Heidi and hope your feeling better soon.

    Have a great week, enjoy the rain and be sure to give me a call or e-mail me at with any news you’d like to share.