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Book review: ‘Legend’ by Marie Lu

Story, focusing on family, is much needed break from typical romance novels

Legend is a dystopian science fiction novel following the adventures and budding romance of Republic prodigy June Iparis and most-wanted criminal Daniel “Day” Atlan Wing. It begins with the murder of June’s brother, Metias, who practically raised June since their parents died when June was an infant.

The prime suspect is Day, the Republic’s most wanted criminal. June goes to the River sector, a poor slum on the outskirts of the Republic, where Day is rumored to be living. June disguises herself as a random slum girl and meets Day and his partner, Tess, through a fight. However neither parties know who the other actually is.

Day and June realize they are falling for each other yet both keep their identity secret. June eventually realizes who Day is and follows him home. Upon seeing his home, she notices it has a large red ‘‘X’’ on it a symbol that someone in the residence has caught the Plague. Remembering her hatred for her brother’s murderer, she turns Day over to the authorities.

After Day is captured several relavations about the past come into the light including the fact that Day was not the person that murdered Metias. Now June must break out the wrongfully imprisoned Day and his younger brother Eden.

“I thought it was a really good story,” said San Benito High School sophomore William Yang. “I’m definitely going to be reading the next book in the series.”

I really enjoyed this story because the primary focus was on family instead of June and Day’s romance. It was not about a couple fighting for each other, it was about a young orphan trying to avenge her brother, the only family she had left. It was also about a young boy doing everything he can to protect his brothers and make sure they are safe. This novel is a much-needed break for today’s romance novels, with a message that family, above all else, is important.

Sierra Smith