Team Blaze at work. Photo courtesy of California State Guard.

Information provided by California State Guard

The California State Guard announced it is seeking volunteers to join its Team Blaze, a group focused on wildland firefighting.

The release said Team Blaze exists to augment and support the State of Californias fire service, in addition to enhancing the capabilities and furthering the mission of the California State Guard.

“This team specializes as a Type II fire line hand crew, ready to respond to any area of California when needed,” according to the release. “While fire response is their primary mission, Team Blaze is prepared to assist with any major disaster, natural or manmade, that impacts the citizens of California.”

It added that members of the team are trained and receive pay when deployed to protect the community, which may be up to 30 days.

“As the threat of wildland fire grows, the need for more firefighters specifically has increased,” the release said.

The California State Guard recommended people with Fire, EMS or emergency management experience to apply, but said it welcomes anyone physically fit and motivated to learn the craft of the Fire Service.

‘While the training can be rigorous, members of Team Blaze will get to experience the best of both Fire Service training and Military Training,” The release said. “They are seeking people who want to be Soldiers/ Firefighters, and all of their training is transferable to a career in Fire Service, EMS or Emergency Management. The real world experience of being out on the fire line, on some of Californias largest fires, is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to enter these fields professionally.”

It went on to state that the training and certificates received upon completion of this course are nationally recognized. Additionally, the military leadership training one receives will help people be successful in any career and in any leadership role.

“Many of the past service members have been subsequently hired by local fire departments after joining Team Blaze,” the release said.

Hand crew and wildland firefighting certificates, EMS training and ICS training are some of the certificated training volunteers will receive.