I wanted to share this announcement from the California Energy Industry regarding its response to environmental activism against hydraulic fracturing. I propose we host a public debate in the future to hear both sides of the issue. – Mike Smith

Protecting The Environment While Creating Jobs
Efforts To Ban Safe Domestic Oil Production In California Will Harm Our State’s Efforts To Achieve Greater Energy Independence And Rob California Of Tens Of Thousands Of Jobs And Billions In Local And State Revenue

Activists who have always opposed safe domestic oil production in California are now leading a charge to outright ban hydraulic fracturing which has been used safely in California for more than 60 years. When Governor Brown signed SB 4 (Pavley) last September, California established the most stringent hydraulic fracturing regulations in the country.  An outright ban is extreme and would increase our dependence on imported foreign oil and jeopardize significant economic opportunity.  Here are the facts:

SB 4 Establishes The Most Transparent & Stringent Protections In The Country

SB 4 will allow Californians to continue safely developing our domestic energy supplies while still protecting the environment. SB 4 requires:

An independent, science-based study of hydraulic fracturing
The development of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
Mandatory public disclosure of the content of all chemicals used
Well integrity testing before and after fracturing
Regular testing of nearby drinking water sources
Prior notification of surrounding land owners

Safe Hydraulic Fracturing Increases California’s Energy Independence & Keeps Jobs And Revenue In The State

Californians already consume all of the oil and gas generated in California. Demand also forces us to import more than 60% of California’s needed oil each year from outside the state. While growth in alternative energy sources will help meet some future demand, additional supply from within California is needed to meet current demand and to keep pace with population growth.
California has the largest shale oil reserves in the country.  If it can be extracted safely, it makes sense to generate our own supply, rather than send jobs and revenue to other countries.
Every barrel of oil we produce in California is one less barrel we have to import from the Middle East and other foreign countries where environmental regulations are much weaker or non-existent.
According to the Obama Administration, natural gas produced through hydraulic fracturing has led to massive reductions in greenhouse gases as that gas replaces coal at our power plants.  A ban on hydraulic fracturing would reverse these gains.

Safe Oil Production Means Tens Of Thousands Of High Paying Jobs & Billions In Economic Benefits

The petroleum industry in California provides tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs and billions in state and local tax revenues and property taxes.
According to economic professors at California State University, Fresno, enhanced recovery of our oil and gas reserves through hydraulic fracturing could:

Create up to 195,000 new high paying jobs
Generate as much as $22 billion in personal income gains

Safe Hydraulic Fracturing Means Billions More For Schools, Public Safety & Other Vital Services

The same CSU Fresno study concluded that enhanced extraction of oil and gas in California would generate up to $6.7 billion in additional revenue for state and local governments.