Over the last 13 years, María Lezama has organized El Día del Niño in her neighborhood on Jacaranda Circle in Hollister. El Día del Niño or Day of the Child is celebrated on April 30th throughout Mexico.

This special day pays homage to the well-being of children in the community. For María Lezama, El Día del Niño is close to her heart, for she did not have much of a childhood. Born in the 1950s in Guanajuato, Mexico, she began to work as a maid at the tender age of eight. As the eldest child of 12 siblings, María had to help her parents raise her brothers and sisters and the children she cared for as a maid. Although María missed a childhood in her beloved Mexico, she wanted things to be different in her community of Hollister, California. So once again this April 30, 2014, María gathered her neighbors who generously provided dozens of children with delicious traditional delicacies from Mexican style corn-on-the-cob and “cueritos” (pork rinds) to all American hotdogs.

María’s childhood struggles did not sway her kind spirit. For her, the children of Jacaranda Circle will continue to be loved and celebrated as long as she is part of the community of Hollister. In addition to organizing El Día del Niño, María also organizes a neighborhood Mother's Day potluck and various Christmas holiday posadas. Wikipedia In Mexico, Children's Day is celebrated on April 30. It is also known as "El Día Del Niño".

On this day teachers in schools organize the day for their children. In some schools, lessons are suspended for the day. They organize games, music, and the children bring in their favorite foods to share with others. Some families also have a day out with their children. There are special activities for the children in parks and sports centers. Sometimes, also, the children will be given presents by their families. This is the day when children are honored in Mexico. Children's Day in Mexico started in 1925.