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Central Coast Community Energy works to bridge gap between regional EV programs

The Electrify Your Ride EV Incentive Program totals $700,000 in funding and is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all 3CE customers across 26 cities and four counties, including San Benito.
Image courtesy of 3CE.
Image courtesy of 3CE.

Information provided by Central Coast Community Energy .

On Feb. 24, Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) launched the 3CE Electrify Your Ride Program, offering 3CE customers cash rebates toward the purchase or lease of new or used electric vehicles.

According to a recent release, while transportation accounts for an estimated 41% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, currently less than 2% of vehicles on the Central Coast are electric. 3CE’s program is aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric and alternative-fuel vehicles for residential and commercial customers, as well as public agencies. This focus on vehicle adoption will bring 3CE’s EV adoption efforts full circle after partnering with the California Energy Commission on the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) to provide local businesses and property owners access to $7 million in funding for the construction of new or upgraded EV charging stations. More infrastructure funding could be in store for late 2021.

“The Central Coast is poised to see a dramatic increase in electric vehicle adoption,” said Bruce McPherson, Central Coast Community Energy’s policy board chair and county of Santa Cruz board chair. “3CE’s rapid response to delivering funds to electrify local vehicles, fleets, and buses is a testament to our flexibility and innovation. The transportation sector has been identified as one of our top focus areas for reducing local greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Electrify Your Ride EV Incentive Program totals $700,000 in funding and is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all 3CE customers across 26 cities and four counties. Residential customers are eligible for one 3CE clean vehicle incentive per household, and commercial/agricultural customers as well as public agencies interested in electrifying their transportation fleets are eligible for up to five vehicles per company/agency.

3CE’s EV program offers double the incentive amount for eligible income-qualified customers, a step toward addressing local climate equity through 3CE’s GHG reducing energy programs. The income-qualified verification process is simple by design – customers need only one of the following: to be enrolled in PG&E’s CARE or FERA programs or be enrolled in the LIHEAP program. 3CE’s Electrify Your Ride Program, in combination with other available funding from state and federal resources helps make clean vehicles more accessible and affordable. Currently, the average income-qualified residential participant can save up to $4,000 on a new electric vehicle through 3CE incentives and up to $15,000 by combining all other available incentives and rebates. EV shoppers can learn more about additional incentives and rebates by visiting 3CE’s website.

New vehicles eligible for the program mirror the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project’s eligible vehicle list while eligible used vehicle requirements include 75,000 odometer miles or less, model year between 2014 and 2021, no open recalls, and a clean title. Additional requirements can be found on the EV incentive webpage.

“3CE continues to design and fund impactful programs that create meaningful greenhouse gas reductions while supporting the electrification of our Central Coast,” said CEO Tom Habashi. “3CE is excited to continue accelerating the electrification of the transportation sector to reduce the climate impact locally.”

3CE energy programs are aimed at reducing GHG emissions in the three sectors which emit the most emissions: transportation, buildings and agriculture, as well as additional efforts to improve regional energy resiliency. By providing incentives to electrify infrastructure, equipment and everyday resources used by residential, commercial and agricultural customers, 3CE is workin to make the greatest impact possible and make resources available to all types of customers. For more information about 3CE energy programs, visit

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