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Challenge accepted: 100 days to end youth homelessness

The aim is to help communities fast-track housing placements and coordinate access to services for young adults.
Provided by Community Services and Workforce Development.
Provided by Community Services and Workforce Development.

This article was contributed by San Benito County Community Services and Workforce Development.

The Coalition of Homeless Services Providers (CHSP) and 18 community partners have accepted the 100-Day Challenge. A national movement, this partnership includes Monterey and San Benito counties. The intent is to quickly come up with creative ways to address youth homelessness. In doing so, communities will see lasting change in addressing homelessness among youth.

What’s the goal?

The aim of the 100-day challenge is to help communities fast-track housing placements and coordinate access to services for young adults. The official start date was June 29. The goal is to find housing for 100 homeless young adults by early October. So far three young adults have found housing and three are in the process. The 100-Day Challenge team is working diligently to identify 94 additional individuals. Anyone under the age of 25 seeking housing help, including those that are parenting, should contact the team at (831) 241-0914 or email [email protected].

The Coalition of Homeless Service Providers did not take on this challenge alone, but instead sought guidance from Rapid Results Institute (RRI) based in Washington, D.C. RRI teaches organizations how to initiate rapid results by setting lofty goals to be reached in a short period of time. In this case, it’s 100 days. While RRIs are used frequently in business to initiate quick change, there is a growing trend to use RRIs to tackle tough social challenges, such as youth homelessness, with urgency.

The agencies working towards this goal can’t do it alone. We know it will take the entire community to reach our goal. Here are a variety of ways the community can help our youth succeed:

  • Offer up a rental: Provide housing options such as small apartments or rooms for rent. By using every rental subsidy voucher available, landlords will help solve the affordable housing crisis. Thus, more community members will obtain safe and affordable housing.
  • Learn more: The CHSP provides regular updates on their challenge. Visit its Facebook site to learn more and keep up to date with progress.
  • Donate your time: Volunteer to help with by handing out flyers or reaching out to potential landlords. Email [email protected] to see what you can do.

Our communities have a unique opportunity to provide youth with fairness. Given their current circumstances, we can provide youth the tools needed to have a successful future. If you would like more information, want to help, or are a youth experiencing homelessness, please reach out to the Coalition and 100-Day Challenge team, we would love to connect with you.


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