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Chamberlain’s receives grant for computer equipment upgrades

Hollister-based nonprofit says new computers, docking stations and projectors have improved capabilities and reduced frustrations with outdated technology for staff and kids alike.
A “Revealing the Rainforest” lesson via Arizona State University’s “Ask a Biologist.
A video of a termite nest observed by students with the new projector. Photo provided by Chamberlain's.
Case Manager - new desktop. Photo provided by Chamberlain's.
Therapy - new desktop. Photo provided by Chamberlain's.

This article was contributed by Chamberlain’s Children Center.

Chamberlain’s Children Center announced that it received a $7,500 grant for computer upgrades. The funds were granted by the Community Foundation for San Benito County for the purpose of purchasing state-of-the-art computers for the staff and children in their care, as well as a new projector for the children who attend Chamberlain’s Children Center non-public school. Chamberlain’s is grateful for the support of the Community Foundation and this grant.

The goal of this project is to achieve better efficiency and production for the children in Chamberlain’s care, for the administrative and clinical staff, and the non-public school teacher and staff. A total of 30 computers, 17 docking stations and two projectors have drastically improved capabilities and reduced frustrations with the over a decade old, outdated technology for staff and kids alike. The project was spearheaded by San Benito County Office of Education – Internet Technology team lead and former Hollister Councilman Roy Sims in coordination with Chamberlain’s Executive Director Patrick Ellis. Mr. Sims researched purchasing options and guided Chamberlain’s on the IT needs for the complexities of the organization, as well as provided assembly and installation of the equipment.

“In regards to the new projector we now have in the classroom, it shows much sharper images than the old projector,” special education teacher Matt Morrison said of the project. “The images are brighter, and access to online curriculum is quicker, which allows us better visual support for the lessons. Often times, special education teachers cannot show children with trauma the lessons or materials via a white board or by a lecture or even drawn on paper. It needs to be much more engaging in order to keep their interests up. With the new projector, there is more interaction with students, in addition to being able to maintain their attention longer. Infinite resources are accessible via the Internet to be displayed remotely on the projector. The students get to see the world in a broader sense such as a lesson on biomes.”

Clinical Office Manager Cassie Nicholson said “I am over the top excited to be able to do my work such as Medi-Cal billing much more efficiently due to the new computer! It starts faster, there is less ‘slow down’ while waiting for the computer to catch up with the information I have entered and overall it has been a real boost! With the heavy workload this position has, it is also great that I received a docking station for the laptop that allows such wonderful features as mobility, which allows me to take meetings notes on the spot and the availability to telecommute when necessary.”

About Chamberlain’s

Chamberlain’s Children Center (CCC) is an 18-bed therapeutic residential program located on a six-acre campus in Hollister. CCC has been serving youth, families and communities in Santa Clara County and San Benito County for over 50 years. CCC strives to be a premier model program providing a home-like setting and the highest quality of comprehensive full-scope therapeutic, rehabilitative and educational services for youth six to 17 years of age. Through our services, CCC aims to improve the lives of our youth, their families and their communities by ameliorating mental health symptoms, healing trauma, repairing and developing relationships, mastering social and life skills, achieving academic success, and setting a course for healthy, happy, and meaningful lives. 


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