Chamberlain’s Youth Services Director steps into new role of Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Ellis to continue leading local nonprofit, Brenda Jimenez becomes Chief Programs Officer.

This article was contributed by Chamberlains Youth Services.

Chamberlain’s Youth Services Friends and Partners,

I’m reaching out to you today to communicate a change in the leadership direction of Chamberlain’s Youth Services. In February of this year I announced my resignation as Executive Director at Chamberlain’s. After much consideration regarding the timing of my resignation, the state of the world in which we live, and in recognition of how each of these will affect the organization I so deeply love, I have rescinded my resignation and will continue leading our mission.

On another exciting note, we have restructured our leadership structure to reflect the organization we have become and that which we strive to be. Beginning July 1, the following changes in chain of command will include the appointment of Chief Officer positions for current employee Brenda Jimenez as Chief Programs Officer, myself as Chief Executive Officer, and a Chief Financial Officer to be named. These strategic changes aim to gradually improve the outcomes we strive for in all capacities.

What this means for our supporters and partners is a possible change to your person of contact at CYS. As with any change, we understand the importance of a smooth transition and will begin the process of introducing new agency contacts as well as supporting the success of that relationship.

Please join me in congratulating Brenda in her new role, and thank you for your continued commitment to Chamberlain’s Youth Services kids, mission, and team.

Humbly yours,

Patrick Ellis

Chamberlain's Youth Services (non-profit)