Chamberlain’s Youth Services seeking board members

Looking for two individuals with good character, a strong commitment to nonprofit's mission and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to move the organization forward.

This article was contributed by Chamberlain’s Youth Services.

Chamberlain’s is seeking board members who will help advocate for Chamberlain’s mission and the kids we help. The board is looking for two individuals with good character, a strong commitment to our mission, and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to move the organization forward in its evolution that Clara Chamberlain started 55 years ago.

We seek community members with a background in Special Education, Child Welfare, Mental Health Services, and Human Resources, but if you don’t and do have a passion for at-risk foster youth, we urge you to come to a meeting and learn first-hand how you can use your own personal and professional talents to make a difference in our kids’ lives. Your great energy and ‘can do’ attitude will bring so much to the organization and will be an invaluable asset.

Here is what our board has to say about why they serve:

President Alana Miller: “I am proud to be on the board of directors. Chamberlain’s really does have Super Heroes who work every day with our children. The commitment and compassion all the employees show is inspiring. I would urge anyone who wants to be part of Chamberlain’s Board to attend a meeting and decide whether they would like to support a great organization. It is beyond rewarding and very worthwhile.”

Vice President Shon Morrison: “I volunteer because I want to help ensure that the children whose needs are the most, are given the resources and opportunities to flourish and succeed in life. I feel that every child, despite the random circumstances of birth, deserves the opportunity to fulfill his or her greatest personal potential, and I want to be a part of that transformation.”

Treasurer Sarah Garvin: “As a past employee I became deeply passionate about the mission and goals of Chamberlain’s. As the treasurer, it is my goal to provide CYS with financial oversight, advise on strategies, encourage growth, broaden the outreach, expand the mission, and ultimately achieve organizational success.”

Secretary Nancy Kops: “I frequently think about my childhood and about how fortunate I was to be raised by loving parents in a safe community. I want to give back to young people who may not have experienced a happy, secure family life. Although Chamberlain’s is not the same as one’s own family, the people who work here try hard to create good experiences and memories for the residents.”

Director Sandy Swint: “Growing up in a home that welcomed foster children paved the way for me to become the person I am today. Being on the board of directors for Chamberlain’s Youth Services means I can make a difference in children’s lives and continue my family’s desire to make a difference. I’m proud of the work that Chamberlain’s continues to do for the kids we serve.”

CEO Patrick Ellis: “During my 20 years of service to youth, my passion for growth and improvement has remained a key part of what drives me to help Chamberlain’s youth. In that time I’ve seen what great teams can accomplish. The many wonderful improvements we’ve made over the years are a testament to the talent, commitment, and resources our board has to offer. And there’s still so much more we can do together in order to better serve deserving kids in need. In 2020-21, we are focusing on expansion of our Non-Public School, broadening of Mental Health Program services, and improvements to our overall financial strength. Help make our strong Board of Directors even stronger.  To learn more, please contact me at [email protected] or call 831.636.2121 x123.”

Our Mission Statement:

Empowering youth and families to heal from trauma, discover individual strengths, and achieve meaningful relationships and permanency.

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