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Clean-up event at Tres Pinos School a success

Parents, teachers and students volunteer their time despite the weather.

This article was contributed by Samela Perez with San Benito County Public Health Services.

Despite wind, rain and cold temperatures, Tres Pinos School celebrated a successful clean-up event this past Saturday, May 18.

The event also turned out to be one of the coldest and wettest days in May. Thanks to parents, teachers, local Clampers, and most importantly the students of Tres Pinos School, it was a successful event in spite of mother nature.

“Working as a school community shows our students that they are part of a working community and they feel ownership of their school. Students are proud to come to Tres Pinos School and help with any areas that improve their school,” said Principal Bronson Mendes-LoBue. “I am very fortunate to be a part of this school community and watch parents, students and community members help to make Tres Pinos School what it is today”.

Said parent and organizer Megan Ophir-Stankovitch: “It’s amazing what a small group of well-meaning and driven students can do to make their school beautiful. We are educating the children about how to look after their school environment and there really are no limits to our learning.”

Members of the Clampers San Benito County chapter even turned out to show their support by planting rose bushes along the front of the school and fixing doors. Their kind acknowledgement at the end of a hard day of working in the rain was a cold, wet hot dog and a warm “thank you” from the Tres Pinos School students.



Samela Perez

Public Information Officer for San Benito County Public Health Services