Clear Creek Road Washout. Photo courtesy of BLM.
Clear Creek Road Washout. Photo courtesy of BLM.

Information provided by Bureau of Land Management 

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Central Coast Field Office is temporarily closing vehicle access to Clear Creek Road in San Benito County until storm-related damage can be repaired. The temporary emergency closure order can be found on the BLM website.

“This closure is necessary to protect public health and safety; and prevent excessive erosion,” said Central Coast Field Manager Zachary Ormsby. “During recent storms, a portion of Clear Creek Road was severely damaged near the entrance to the Clear Creek Management Area.”

According to the agency’s news release, approximately 150-yards of Clear Creek Road have been washed away by high stream water in the Clear Creek Canyon area. Clear Creek Road is the only designated open route for public access through Clear Creek Canyon.

Two popular BLM-managed campgrounds, Oak Flat and Jade Mill, are inaccessible due to the temporary road closure. The Condon Peak campground is open, however, roads and trails above the campground are seasonally closed to motorized access during winter to prevent severe rutting and unnecessary damage to the public roads.

The BLM anticipates repairs will be complete in approximately six months. When field observations indicate Clear Creek Road can support passenger vehicles, the temporary closure will be rescinded.

For more information, please visit the Clear Creek webpage, or the Condon Peak webpage. For specific questions, contact the Central Coast Field Office at 831-582-2200 or