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Club looks to make a difference among teens

Make a Difference Club developed from weekly effort to bring kindness to campus

Make A Difference Club, in its first year at San Benito High School, has meetings every Tuesday to come up with ideas about how to spread kindness. Three students who graduated last year came up with Make A Difference Monday, in which students spent the first day of ever school week making efforts to help students feel better about themselves through positive reinforcement and positive comments. 

In the beginning of this year, leadership class students Destinee Daniels, who is the president of the club, and Vice President Ana Camosa Moreno, turned Make A Difference Monday into a club. They said they want to spread a positive attitude and kindness around campus and the community. They hope to make students and staff alike havea big smile on their face.

“The purpose of Make A Difference Club is to make people happy and to spread goodness,” said Daniels, a senior. To fulfill these goals, they meet every week to discuss ways to make people smile. They have handed out clothes pins with small messages such as “you are beautiful,” “you are amazing,” and other compliments. They have also passed out Valentine’s Day cards to random people on campus trying to brighten their day.

Recently, they offered students the chance to write positive messages on sticky notes and place them on posters that were displayed on campus.

“Spreading kindness is a big way to show people we care,” said Moreno. Daniels and Moreno both hope Make A Difference Club will continue next year as well.

“Random acts of kindness bring happiness to everyone and this club should continue on doing that,” said Moreno.