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COG Adopts Regional Transportation Plan Amendment to Include Highway 25 Widening

Council also considers budget for extra CHP enforcement on Highway 25

At its May 19 Board Meeting, the Council of Governments voted unanimously to adopt an amendment to the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan to include the Highway 25 Corridor Improvements Project on the “funded” list of projects.

The 2035 RTP is a long-range planning document for the regional transportation system that addresses needs associated with highways, local streets/roads, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, public transit, aviation and other programs which support mobility for people and goods. The RTP was adopted in June 2014.

State law requires that an RTP demonstrate "fiscal constraint" – that is, that the projects included must have sufficient anticipated funding. 

COG amended the RTP to include the State Route 25 Corridor Improvements Project. The project is intended to enhance safety, improve traffic operations, and provide additional capacity to reduce congestion for all transportation modes on Highway 25 between San Felipe Road and the San Benito/Santa Clara County line. Fiscal constraint is demonstrated through the inclusion of funds from the Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program and the potential for local sales tax (Measure P) for transportation to come to the County.

Environmental review of the RTP amendment will be completed by the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, and final approval is expected later in the year. 

COG Holds Budget Hearings, Considers Funds for Highway 25 Enforcement 

COG held public hearings to review the Fiscal Year 2016/2017 budgets. Included in the budget is funding for a contract with the California Highway Patrol to add additional enforcement on Highway 25 between Hollister and Santa Clara County. The enforcement would be funded with state funds assed from DMV fees for call boxes and other highway safety measures.

Other budget highlights for the upcoming year include a state grant for technology improvements for the County Express transit system, and continued funding for Bike to School events.


Council of San Benito County Governments - COG

The Council of Governments was formed in 1973 by the Cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista and the County of San Benito for the purpose of forming consensus on regional transportation issues facing San Benito County. The Council continues this coordination today by providing a public forum for discussion at its monthly meetings.