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COG to talk impact fees, Hwy. 25 widening, potential sales tax

Thursday meeting will touch on a variety of transportation planning topics

The San Benito Coujnty Council of Governments will discuss local transportation planning issues on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 3 p.m.. at the County Board of Supervisors' Chambers. 

Topics include:

Update on Traffic Impact Mitigation Fees:

Traffic impact mitigation fees are collected from retail, commercial, industrial, and residential developers as a requirement for a building permit. The primary objective of the program is to ensure that new development pays its fair share of the transportation costs associated with growth.

The COG Board will receive a presentation on the elements of the Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee study, including a project list identifying which road projects may be paid for with fees and traffic analysis results.

Update on the Highway 25 Widening Design Alternatives Analysis

The Council of Governments is currently working on an analysis to identify alternative design scenarios for the Highway 25 four-lane widening in an effort to move the project forward more expeditiously. COG will receive an update on the engineering analysis at the meeting. The schedule for the work is accelerated with the majority of work being completed by February 2016.

Discussion of Sales Tax for Transportation – What types of projects would be funded?

COG shas been coordinating efforts for a transportation sales tax in San Benito County for the 2016 election cycle. At a special meeting in November, there was consensus among the COG Board to move forward with planning for a half-sales tax for transportation on the June 2016 ballot. The goal of the tax is to increase funding resources for transportation projects in San Benito County, improving residents’ quality of life through better transportation infrastructure, promoting economic development and connecting communities.

A half-cent sales tax could raise as much as $120 million over 20 years. In addition, sales tax revenues may be used for leverage to obtain additional state funding for projects or may be bonded against for additional revenue.

Polling completed by COG in March of this year indicated that voters generally supported the concept of a tax for a mix of highway and local projects including repairing roads, constructing new road connections, and other transportation needs such bike trails and bus service.  COG will be discussing priorities for projects to be funded with tax dollars at the Dec. 17 meeting.

For more information, visit to view the full meeting agenda materials, or contact COG Executive Director Mary Gilbert.

Phone: (831) 637-7665 ext. 207 or email: [email protected]

Council of San Benito County Governments - COG

The Council of Governments was formed in 1973 by the Cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista and the County of San Benito for the purpose of forming consensus on regional transportation issues facing San Benito County. The Council continues this coordination today by providing a public forum for discussion at its monthly meetings.