Poll workers Julissa Leggett and Kim Marquez pose for a photo. Photo by Francisco Diaz.
Poll workers Julissa Leggett and Kim Marquez pose for a photo. Photo by Francisco Diaz.

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Poll workers are the lifeblood of elections. The majority of vote centers are managed and run entirely by volunteers, and their energy and dedication are vital to having a successful election.

These dedicated individuals sacrifice their time– and in the age of COVID risk exposure – to help ensure that family, friends and neighbors have a meaningful voting experience. Poll workers go above and beyond for their community.

Take into consideration these three examples from the June 7, 2022, Primary Election:

  • At the Armory Vote Center, an elderly woman left her wallet, keys, and cell phone inside her car. So, a poll worker brought her a chair, a water bottle, and called AAA on behalf of the voter.
  • At the Saint Benedict Church Vote Center, a man’s car battery died after dropping off his ballot, but considering that he had a manual transmission truck, a poll worker used his truck to hitch and jump start the truck.
  • At the Elections Office Vote Center, a poll worker patiently assisted a hearing impaired voter to a voting booth with auditory equipment, so that he wouldn’t miss an election at the age of 85.

While many people cannot or don’t feel conformable being a poll worker, many more have been inspired to take on this work for their communities.

Let’s express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the poll workers who continue to work to ensure a safe, secure, and accessible voting experience for our community.

Francisco Diaz is the Assistant County Clerk-Recorder for the County of San Benito and serves on the Board of Chamberlain's Youth Services and Community Services Development Corporation. Francisco is the...