COLUMN: Unforgettable wine tasting experience in San Benito County

Francisco Diaz writes about his experience wine tasting at Eden Rift.

This column was contributed by San Juan Bautista resident, Francisco Diaz. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.


Nature is pleasing, soothing, and mesmerizing. Greenery holds the natural flair that captivates not only our vision, but also the brain. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Eden Rift Vineyards and it really did exceed my expectations.

I was spellbound by what I saw and definitely, the weather was icing on the cake. The green landscape and the sunny sky provided a fitting contrast to my sight. It would be unfair if I just go on praising the place without complimenting the staff present at the vineyards. The staff were both courteous and professional. In fact, we would have missed a few special spots if they weren’t there to guide us. They allowed us to taste a wide range of wines and they were all fantastic.

This trip to the vineyards was even more memorable because I was accompanied by my best friend. My best friend and roommate from Saint Mary’s College came along and it felt as we were freshman again. We revisited some nostalgic moments together and caught up to our life now; truly an enjoyable experience for us both.

On this visit, however, I learned that wine is something prestigious and one really needs to know how to properly relish it. Hence, rookies like me need a lecture on wine etiquettes and I paid far greater attention than in college. It was, indeed, an amazing experience to learn from the Eden Rift staff, the veterans.

Wine tasting was an absolute joy. I don’t think I have gulped down a wine of such supreme quality before. And one must admit that wine tasting is incomplete without the stereotypical spitting wine back into the glass. So, we went on and made it complete for ourselves. Soon after we felt as if something was missing. We know that cheese pairing was missing. So, we filled the void and savored with cheese delicacies.

It was a memorable experience and as the years pass by, you notice that only the memories from past are left to accompany you. At present, I’m looking to enrich my brain with pleasant memories so that when I think back, I get the positive energy and vibes. I’m definitely excited to repay a visit to the vineyards soon.


Francisco Diaz