File Photo: Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez.
File Photo: Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez.

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The San Benito County Democratic Central Committee enthusiastically recommends that Gov. Gavin Newsom appoint Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez to fill the vacant seat on our county’s Board of Supervisors.

“I believe Ms. Zepeda is rooted in the values and aspirations of the state Democratic Party,” said SBCDCC Chair Leslie Austin. “She shares our vision of a California that celebrates diversity as a tool to expand opportunity.”

Ms. Zepeda is a young woman that has only begun to tap her potential to accomplish great things. Growing up in a family that sometimes relied on public assistance, Ms. Zepeda developed a passion for protecting the earth in Environmental Studies classes while earning a Biology degree at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Her commitment to the fight for equity and justice was honed as a youth member of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Her resume includes working for the Watsonville Law Center and the Santa Cruz Immigration Project. Currently, she advocates for immigrant rights as a staff member of the United Farmworker Foundation.

The Central Committee was impressed with Zepeda’s dedication to public education.

“We endorsed her in 2020 when she was elected to a seat on the County Board of Education,” Austin said. “Ms. Zepeda is an inspiring example of accomplishment in a county where the vast majority of public school students are Latino.”

Austin noted the recommendation was the result of a thorough process. The committee contacted every Democrat that identified as an aspirant for this appointment. Each was invited to a special meeting of the DCC, and each was asked the exact same questions, given as much time as needed to consider the questions, and expand on their answers. The result was a nearly unanimous vote (92%) to recommend Ms. Zepeda to be appointed to fill the vacancy.

For more information on activities of the local Democratic Party, Austin can be reached at 831-726-6242.