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COMMENTARY: Medina addresses San Benito County road conditions

San Benito County supervisorial candidate says many District 1 residents are concerned with local roads

Whether Measure P passes or fails, our roads must be fixed. Whether you’re driving on roads in Hollister, San Juan Bautista, Tres Pinos, or rural north county, you cannot fail to notice the deplorable state of our roadways.  Two hands on the wheel at all times!

Walking door-to-door, I have had many conversations with District 1 residents and have heard many complaints.  Most of them have to do with the conditions of the roads:  Why aren’t they being fixed?  How can we possibly support further growth with their current condition? Why do we accept so many waste trucks with collected refuse from other cities and counties to pack our landfill and further erode our roads?

It is not in my nature to stand on the sidelines praying for change.  Instead, I want to be the Change Agent. I am a business leader, not a politician, and I want to utilize my business and team-building skills to help San Benito County prosper. 

If Measure P passes, I will make sure that the county’s annual budget for road repair through the General Fund will indeed be used for repairing the road, and that Measure P funds will always be used as an addition to the normal budget. We can’t allow Measure P funds to replace the County’s regular road repair budget. To be clear, I will personally ensure Measure P dollars are used only in addition to the amount the County has already budgeted for roads during its annual budget process.

Also, I would like to augment the County’s General Oversight Committee for Measure P by forming a separate Resident Oversight Committee for District 1.  This will help ensure that we have a voice and that we receive our fair share of monies and are able to designate priority repairs. District 1 residents know the area best and know where road repairs are most needed.  Please let me know if you are interested in serving on this committee.

And yes, it’s a fact that our landfill accepts waste from different cities and counties. It happens on a daily basis and may continue to expand.  Waste Connections is a private company that operates our landfill located on John Smith Road. After hearing residents’ concerns, I met with several managers from Waste Connections. They were very receptive to me, and expressed an interest in listening to residents’ concerns in order to better serve the county. At a future date, I would like to arrange a town hall meeting with our residents and the management of Waste Connections. At this town hall meeting, Waste Connections can review with us the structure of the current landfill operating agreement and how it addresses funding for roads and we can discuss a few of my interesting ideas, one of which would limit waste trucks to using the fewest roads as possible. If you’d like to hear more about this topic, please give me a call.

I would like to be known as the supervisor who listens and is accountable to the residents of San Benito County. My phone will always be on, and I will be ready to take your call.  To make this happen, please vote for me on June 7. 

Thank you,

Mark Medina

Candidate for Supervisor, District 1


800 Le Mans Drive, Hollister, CA  95023   

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Mark Medina