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COMMENTARY: Medina says he’ll be ‘accountable to residents’

Candidate for Board of Supervisors makes his case to the electorate
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Over the last two months, I have walked door-to-door, introducing myself to residents throughout the county. I have listened and learned that a majority of the residents are fed up with run-of-the-mill politicians, specifically in regard to trust, follow-through, and a lack of common sense. Residents feel that they receive “lip service” during the campaign and then, once elected, the official becomes “unavailable” or only receptive to “selective” individuals. Residents are frustrated that they are not being heard.

I, too, am fed up with the political tap dancing. I am tired of elected officials not communicating clearly with the people that have elected them. It is not in my nature to stand on the sidelines praying for change.  Instead, I am running for office because I want to be the Change Agent. I am a business leader, not a politician, and I want to utilize my business and team-building skills to help San Benito County prosper.

For the past decade, I have served as a finance manager for a number of companies where I was charged with overseeing budgets, production, capital expenses, and process improvements. As a business manager and finance director, I learned how to balance budgets, plan for the future, and bring out the best in my employees.

While walking door-to-door, I have received phenomenal feedback from local residents when I tell them that I will insist the residents of San Benito County hold me accountable for my actions. I expect to be called to the carpet on any shortfalls when there is a problem or when the residents feel I am not doing as I promised. I will insist that the residents be included in the overall process and let them have a voice.

I feel strongly that resident feedback is extremely crucial to the success of San Benito County.  County Staff may not always have all the information that is needed. A comparison can be found in a factory setting where an executive manager has questions regarding the operation of a certain piece of machinery. The executive may not find what he/she needs to know in a book or owner’s manual, but instead finds the best answer simply by asking the operators of the machinery.

I would like to be known as the Supervisor who listens and is accountable to the residents of San Benito County. My phone will always be on, and I will be ready to take your call. To make this happen, please vote for me on June 7.

Thank you,

Mark Medina

Candidate for Supervisor, District 1


[email protected]

800 Le Mans Drive, Hollister, CA  95023

Mark Medina