Dear San Benito County Voters,

On Tuesday, June 7 please remember to vote. My name is Mark Medina and I am a candidate for San Benito County District 1 Supervisor and I humbly ask for your vote.

As a native son to Hollister, I am passionate about the future of San Benito County and the potential we have as a community to improve our collective quality of life. I am not your typical politician as I have been in the private sector since I graduated from Sonoma State in the mid 1990’s. I have excelled at progressively responsible career challenges as: a cost accountant, accounting manager, finance manager, plant manager, supply chain manager and general business manager. I am a business leader who understands I must represent the residents of San Benito County as an elected official who works for the voters, not the other way around. A Supervisor’s seat requires an individual to strategically plan for the future by gathering information from his/her constituents, interested parties and county staff and then making a decision after careful deliberation that is best for our community.

As your County Supervisor I will work for you, listen to your concerns and deliberate issues based on data and facts because you, the voter, will entrust me to make decisions that are best for San Benito County.

In closing, I have been working on this campaign since January 1st 2016 and I have learned a lot about District 1 by walking the precinct, attending public meetings and speaking to community groups. The residents in District 1 have great ideas to make this county better and they want a representative that will listen to them and represent their interests. I would be honored to be your next Supervisor for San Benito County District 1. You may contact me directly at:  831-801-4784 with your ideas or concerns. Please vote for Mark Medina for San Benito County District 1 Supervisor on Tuesday, June 7.

Thank you!

Mark Medina

Candidate for San Benito County Supervisor District 1