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COMMENTARY: Retired educators support Martinez, Baldwin for Hollister School District board

Group joins the Hollister Elementary Schools Teachers’ Association (HESTA) and the Classified Staff Employees’ Association (CSEA), in endorsing Michael Baldwin and Elizabeth Martinez

We retired teachers have given many years of faithful service to the schools in San Benito County, and we know that these outstanding individuals will continue to Put Our Children First. 

Please vote for Michael Baldwin and Elizabeth Martinez on Nov. 8.

  • Connie Childers, 26 years of service  
  • Cindy Cordova, 32 years        
  • Steve Kain, 30 years
  • Herb Geisler, 20 years
  • Shelley Geisler, 33 years       
  • Sergio Martinez, 35 years
  • Marina Martinez, 34 years    
  • Rick Masoni, 39 years
  • Janet Masoni, 25 years            
  • Lou Medeiros, 36 years                         
  • Aggie Obeso-Bradley, 38 years
  • Chuck Obeso-Bradley, 24 years              
  • Larry Rebecchi, 34 years
  • Margaret Morales Rebecchi, 34 years   
  • Rebecca Salinas, 15 years




Cindy L Cordova