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COMMENTARY: San Benito County Chamber of Commerce endorses Measure P

Chamber says Measure P "provides locally controlled funds and allows our community to prioritize transportation projects"

On June 7, 2016 San Benito County voters will be voting on Measure P, a measure that seeks to provide funding to fill potholes, repair local streets and provide congestion relief and safety improvements on Highway 25. 

Our local and regional business leaders understand the importance of good roads, highways and transportation. Repairing roads and highways means being able to move employees, deliver products and provide services. Investing in transportation helps grow our economy, create jobs and better position employers to attract and retain quality employees and local business partners. 

The simple fact is that the State of California is trending away from providing support for local road maintenance and repairs. State revenue from gasoline purchases isn’t going far enough to adequately fund our roads. Measure P provides a dedicated, locally controlled source of funds that cannot be taken or redirected by Sacramento or Washington, D.C.

Shrinking state contributions means only those communities that provide local funding will receive funding for transportation projects. Measure P would provide this local funding, potentially qualifying San Benito County for millions in state and federal matching funds. Qualifying for state and federal matching funds is critical to undertaking large-scale transportation projects our County. Measure P allows us to secure the matching funding necessary to get local transportation projects completed.

The Chamber supports Measure P because it provides locally controlled funds and allows our community to prioritize transportation projects. It also makes us less reliant on unstable funds from the state or federal government. That is development our local economy needs and why the Chamber has endorsed Measure P. We encourage a YES vote on Measure P on June 7.

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Juli A. Vieira

CEO, San Benito County Chamber of Commerce

San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau non-profit