My name is David Medeiros., I was appointed to the city of San Juan Bautista Planning Commission by city councilman Rick Edge. I am here along with my fellow commissioners in SJB, at no cost to the city, in front of many citizens of SJB, ready to work hard serving its people and government. According to my personal observation, the city’s government continues to work hard and make every effort to be transparent in all of its decisions and activities.

However, because of fear, prejudices, and ignorance, a lawsuit was levied recently against the city of SJB by a group of citizens for responsible development and represented by the real state law firm of SSL citing the city was in violation of California Environment Quality Act for amending a municipal code addressing the city's position on formula businesses. The amendment was designed to change and improve the written negative verbiage stating clearly and preventing any and all formal businesses (Ace Hardware/Pizza Factory/Yahoo/CISCO) from setting up business within SJB.

Our city manager, a paid city municipal expert and civil engineer, based on the information of many unwelcome prospective business owners due to SJB’s municipal code, dutifully presented the proper steps to amend and change the city's municipal code to allow formula businesses to work with San Juan Bautista in serving and preserving the city's image in architectural design and marketing strategy. We already know that formula businesses are driven by demographics and project a certain company market image that are usually inflexible with local architectural designs marketing and business strategies. The newly-amended municipal code would now provide at least some opportunity to share business strategies that may benefit all parties with a viable and workable solution to improve SJB’s economy. What was then, is in fact very much different today with formula businesses or at least can be made different. If not, then that business can pursue business elsewhere.

After several public hearings, the amendment was approved by SJB’s Planning Commission and City Council. Unfortunately, because of the lawsuit, the city is unable to defend itself from any unfounded violations, due to economic and priority strains on the city. The city is now forced to rescind the amendment, leaving San Juan Bautista with business as usual and prolonging any effort to welcome any such formula businesses. The city’s municipal code will continue to send a poor and clearly negative message to all formal business owners and it leaves SJB with never knowing what might be good for the city through their introduction. Thus, unless the SSL Law Firm LLP, on behalf of the Alliance of Concerned Citizens Organized for Responsible Development (ACCORD) against the City Council and the City rescind their lawsuit, future formula business prospects are now delayed thanks to a group of people who are clearly not as transparent as the people who openly serve the city of SJB’s government.

I personally believe the people of San Juan Bautista collectively are much bigger than any such negative lawsuit. Our actions to do what is right for the city of SJB will unite and strengthen our community as we progress to make the great city of San Juan Bautista a better place to live.