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COMMENTARY: The true intent of law enforcement called into question

San Jose police acts secretly in purchase of drone with city council approval

In the spirit of trust and transparency between city leaders and local law enforcement and the its community, the San Jose Police Department — with the approval of the city council — purchased a drone, in secret. The apparent “misstep” with an insincere and dishonest apology by the San Jose police, reflects the total lack of transparency and open governance. This raises serious questions of the true intent of law enforcement and politicians; especially when it relates to the disingenuous attempts (like Hollister's National Night Out surveillance/spy camera-laden downtown capturing your every move and particularities) in a deceitful effort to build a trusting relationship with the community it is supposed to serve and protect.

Such “missteps," as it euphemistically referred to, reveal a distasteful underlying mindset, as it is displayed in the complete lack of trust they claim to have with the community they have sworn, and are obligated, to protect and defend.    

The more fundamental question that this official action raises is, why do city leaders and police feel they must misrepresent, misinform, act in sinister ways, and outright lie about their activities? Are they hiding something? Are they afraid of the community’s concerns and possible outcry? Then why do they do what they do?

Open governance requires a level of trust that clearly, local governments and police departments (see the King City scandal), have clearly not met. Not holding open forums and providing its community the “opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions, and express their concerns…” before any official action is taken — is a true failure of governance and leadership. So much for city leaders and law enforcement building trust with its community. However, holding these individuals accountable is in order if we desire a better quality of life and governance.

Click here to read Robert Salonga’s San Jose Mercury article on the city council and police's secret purchase of a drone.  


Luis Burguillo

As a student of the media and journalism, I am interested in utilizing the medium in order to assure that the residents of the City of Hollister and San Benito County are alerted, informed and educated on the official actions of their elected officials who are sworn to preserve, protect and defend the US constitution and Bill of Rights. More importantly, their engagement in the political process will hold the leaders accountable for their actions/decisions and lead to an improved governance.