Community Foundation grant will improve community awareness about news provider, BenitoLink

Each year, an expanding force of local nonprofits are eligible and apply for Community Foundation for San Benito County community impact grants.

BenitoLink announces it has received a Community Foundation for San Benito County grant which will increase awareness of the local nonprofit news website. In the 2021 Community Foundation Impact Grant Cycle, requests totaled a little over $615,000 and the Foundation was able to fund, or partially fund, a total of 33 nonprofits for $368,966. One grateful recipient was BenitoLink, an independent, nonprofit news provider for residents of San Benito County.

BenitoLink’s grant request was approved in the amount of $25,000 for building capacity. The funding is now being used by BenitoLink, which is primarily online, to develop a subscribing member appeal, expand its use of videography, and increase work for local freelance writers. BenitoLink has brought in local business, Waltz Creative, a design agency in San Juan Bautista to work on the project.

“Although BenitoLink is well-read in San Benito County and the surrounding counties, we have new residents moving in all the time and many have never heard of it. We appreciate the opportunity to help others learn more about BenitoLink and to explain that their support makes for better local news,” said BenitoLink Executive Director Leslie David. Subscribing members pay a monthly amount to support BenitoLink and this steady commitment helps strengthen community-based news organizations.

“BenitoLink thanks the Community Foundation for San Benito County, its board of directors and all the community members who give their time and take part in the grant review process,” said Leslie David.

BenitoLink Staff