Community Foundation for San Benito County


The Community Foundation for San Benito County is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for Community Impact Grants for 2014. Applications will be accepted any time from March 12 through October 15, 2014.  This open grant window will enable applicants to prepare and submit applications throughout most of the year, which is more in line with the actual timing of projects and their funding needs.  Applications will be reviewed and approved monthly, and our goal is to respond to all applications within 6-8 weeks of their acceptance.


To achieve its mission, the Community Foundation for San Benito County serves donors, advances philanthropy and achieves impact by supporting the work of nonprofit organizations. In doing so for over a decade, we’ve developed extensive knowledge of San Benito County. We continuously monitor our community to understand the nature of need, the forces of change, available resources and the capacity for growth.


The Sonny Paullus Fund dates back to 1992 and is the first grant fund established by the Community Foundation.  It is named after and dedicated to the memory of our first major benefactor.  Nonprofit organizations that conduct the majority of their public charitable operations for the benefit of San Benito County residents are eligible to apply for Community Impact Grants.


The Community Foundation will consider grant requests to support impactful programs within and across the following fields of interest:

Arts & Culture – supporting appreciation of new and traditional forms of visual and performing arts through education and experience of the diverse world of arts

Education & Youth – supporting programs which enhance learning and impact knowledge, skills and attitudes

Health & Social Services – improving the quality of life through preventive health education, overcoming barriers to health and mental health care and providing for basic needs and social service programs

Agriculture & Environment – supporting programs which enhance and promote good agricultural and environmental practices and education

Community Enhancement – providing an enduring impact through the civic and historical aspects of community life

Economic Development – supporting projects and initiatives that lead to economic growth and prosperity for the community


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