COMMUNITY OPINION: A call for Supervisor Kosmicki recall

Celeste Toledo-Bocanegra writes that Supervisor Kollin Kosmicki's behavior is not appropriate for an elected official.

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If any member of the San Benito County Board of Supervisors deserves to be recalled and removed immediately, it is District 2 Supervisor Kollin Kosmicki.

Kosmicki is arrogant, preening and rude. He has tortured and tormented the Board Chair Bea Gonzales as she has attempted to run the Board meetings with some semblance of fairness. His repeated interruptions, sarcastic comments and insults are evidence of deep-seated anti-social behavior not appropriate for an elected official. Kosmicki is disdainful of public input and participation in the political process and obviously prefers to run county government behind closed doors, in the proverbial “smoke-filled” room joined by his partner-in-tyranny, retired car magnate Bob Tiffany. He draws a perverse satisfaction in dividing the community and pitting individuals against each other.

Kosmicki has the heart of a totalitarian. He is an enemy of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights which he sees as archaic relics to be dispensed with at whim. He believes in using government force and coercion to enact his far-left agenda. He certainly does not trust the people to make their own decisions. He has little concern for the lives and businesses he has destroyed through his senseless COVID lockdowns and rubber-stamping of the illegal decrees of the unelected Public Health Director. Now, he would like to force vaccinations on every resident of the county whether they consent or not.

As an elitist whose only claim to fame is being a half-baked Fake News journalist who once edited a hometown no-circulation newspaper, he thinks he knows what’s best for all the residents of his district and county.

It’s time for Kollin Kosmicki to go!


Respectfully submitted,


Celeste Toledo-Bocanegra


Guest Writer