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COMMUNITY OPINION: A tale of two Americas

Randy Logue writes about his trip outside of California and compares the "Union of Soviet Socialist California" to two other states he considers "free".

This community opinion was written by resident Randy Logue. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.


In the past several days I have had a chance to witness firsthand the two America’s that currently exist.  During the communist revolution Vladimir Lenin promised his people peace, land and bread.  In our version of America, (California, of which San Benito County is a part), Gov. Gavin Newsom’s speech is almost the same; in place of peace is the word safety.

For example the COVID-19 tyranny: no release of regulations despite the CDC’s guidance, kids wearing masks to elementary school, some schools in California still not in-person, the CSU’s and UC’s still not in-person and no guarantee for the fall. Santa Clara County implementing “digital” vaccination requirements, contact tracing, apps for your phone, turn in your neighbor, etc.

In place of land, a promise of a “roof over your head.” Ending mortgage foreclosures, not allowing landlords to collect rent, buying hotels for the homeless; yet almost everywhere you look derelicts are camped out all over.

We drove to the airport in San Jose last month and the trash in San Jose is a disgrace, and the San Benito River bridge on Nash by the cement plant is just as bad.

In place of bread it’s “free” government everything, all of which is being paid for by hard working, law abiding taxpayers of every race, color and religion.  

I had occasion to travel out of state last month to a different state, and it was the opposite of what is happening here. All students are in- person for full five day instruction, masks are worn by maybe 10%-15% of the people, large gatherings are commonplace, restaurants are open and malls are booming.

I actually saw two movies in-person and ate popcorn. I went to a large outdoor gathering with over 40,000 people and it was awesome! 

People are allowed to decide what level of risk they want to take. I actually didn’t mind when wearing a mask in some certain businesses, or on the plane, because I chose to do it. I was not forced to by the California “social leper” status police. The kids are active, people are friendly, and life is free!  

When I got back to California, I watched the PGA Golf Tournament held in another large state, thousands of people walking around the golf course, pressed shoulder to shoulder, less than 5% wearing masks, no government intrusion in their lives and it was awesome! 

The two states I visited have almost identical COVID numbers to California, but way better economic numbers, and their people are much happier. I thought long and hard about it, leadership does make a huge difference.

The sad thing is I really loved California, and was born and raised here. Built hundreds of houses with my Dad, poured tens of thousands of yards of concrete to build things, taught and coached a lot of kids, but this trip and what I saw on television made it clear to me that you have to leave the Union of Soviet Socialist California republics in order to be in America. 

Respectfully submitted, Randy Logue

Randy Logue