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It seems to keep hitting closer to home. Two weeks ago, it was Yerba Buena High School up in San Jose. Just a day ago, it was Hollister High School. And every single day sometimes two or three lockdowns across the United States. Every time, there is that fear- is this another school shooting?

Is this how my friends or I will die? As a senior in high school, it often makes me wonder what I could lose. Sometimes, it is just a threatening social media post or a call-in prank.

But it gets more serious when there is a loaded gun found on a student. In May of this year, there was another lockdown due to a technical glitch. No one was injured.

Again, this time, no one was injured. However, there was a weapon this time.

While it doesn’t point to an intent to ‘shoot up the school’. It does point to a concern for the safety of students and staff at Hollister High School.

Certainly, fights, vaping, and drug use are the norms and those have caused a stir but nothing major. This could be a reality shift for many across Hollister. What if that student had gotten into a fight and used that gun? That isn’t a mindless speculation but rather an event that could become disturbingly real.

Now is the time for us to make sure every student has access to help and friends.

Now is the time to show there is a way beyond drugs and vaping. Now is the time to make school safe before it is too late.