COMMUNITY OPINION: Are the Haybalers next?

Randy Logue writes that changing team names to bow down to wokeness is not acceptable.

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As I was reading the San Jose paper I noticed that the Cleveland Indians are going to change their nickname to the Guardians.

Now don’t get me wrong, being a conservative I support the right of  the owners of the Indians, and the Washington Redskins to do most anything they want with their teams, but changing the team names to bow down to wokeness is not acceptable, and is again UnAmerican.

I will never watch, read the stats of, care about or in any other way shape or form pay attention to any team again that changes its name.

I wonder why they haven’t gotten on the Raiders? Isn’t that glorifying pirates, who raped, pillaged and plundered? My guess is that they know Raider fans don’t care what people think.

How about the 49ers? Didn’t they rape, pillage and plunder the land? Didn’t they mistreat peoples of certain ethnicities? Where does it stop?

As a kid growing up in Northern California there were lot’s of schools with Indian related nicknames, and to tell you the truth as a Paradise Bobcat we were afraid of the Colusa Redskins.

It symbolized toughness, and a warrior spirit, being willing to fight hard, and do what it took to win. I guarantee you that the kids who suited up for their sports teams took a great deal of pride in their mascot.

The Washington Redskins who won several super bowls under coach Joe Gibbs took a huge amount of pride in their team, mascot, city, heritage and everything else. It brought a huge amount of civic pride to the region. You couldn’t pay me to play for them now, they don’t even have the guts to have a mascot.

My question is are the HayBalers next?

You know growing hay, and raising horses and cattle with it, to God forbid feed people, and possibly compete in rodeo type events, and carry on a way of life that multiple generations of your family have done may not be woke enough in the current world we live in.

As a guy who gave his adult life for the Balers, it would make me angry and sad if some people wanted to change the mascot.

Wake up people if you let them continue to do this kind of nonsense pretty soon your own family name will have to be changed if it is not woke enough.

Bottom line if I ever became a professional sports team owner I would keep the long standing name of the team mascot, and make sure that every player, coach, peanut vendor, secretary, groundskeeper and whomever else worked for the organization took pride in it! And if they didn’t I would simply say two words to them, “You’re Fired.”

 Respectfully yours, Randy Logue

Randy Logue