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COMMUNITY OPINION: Choosing experience, collaboration and creativity for District 2 Supervisor

Beth Roybal writes in support of candidate Wayne Norton.

This community opinion was contributed by Aromas resident Beth Roybal. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

We in San Benito County District 2 are fortunate to have two qualified, passionate candidates in the race for supervisor. In my opinion, one of those candidates exhibits a far greater depth of understanding, range of experience, and focus on collaboration that would make him the best person to represent our district: Wayne Norton.

What led me to this conclusion?

In my first draft, I created an extensive summary of all the ways Wayne has already addressed issues facing our district, county, and region. But as I began reading the San Benito County Voter’s Guide, a single sentence from Wayne’s candidate statement stood out:

“The best solutions are the ones we create together.”

That’s it! On the issues that matter to us in San Benito County, Wayne Norton’s approach has been first to listen and then to propose a way forward. Whether it’s the environment, our local economy, creating jobs, fixing the roads, school funding, Internet access, affordable housing, or any of the other issues we face in SBC, Wayne wants to know what all stakeholders think, he seeks ideas and advice from many sources and perspectives, and then he acts collaboratively to pursue a solution. Our issues are complex and our perspectives are many, so our solutions require such a thoughtful and inclusive approach.

I don’t agree with Wayne on every issue. But I trust his experience, his honesty, his collaborative approach, and his vision for what San Benito County can become. Because of that, Wayne Norton will get my vote for District 2 Supervisor.

Beth Roybal

Educator, writer, and mom living on the San Benito side of Aromas