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COMMUNITY OPINION: Enough is enough, San Benito High School

Barbara Taddeo writes that her property taxes went up $200 a month after the last bonds passed.

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As a senior living in San Benito County, enough is enough San Benito High School. We residents in this county have put up with skyrocketing property taxes long enough. Since the last bond issues were passed my taxes went up $200 a month. Yes, you read that right and that is not a typo. As a disabled senior I live on a fixed income so a $200 increase is taking me to the edge. Many of my friends who use to live here have moved due to the skyrocketing taxes.

Here I and other seniors in this community have paid for a new gym, sports field, including a swimming pool that before the bond issue was passed were told it would be a community pool. Now we are finding out that we can’t use it and that you have hired an outside contractor to run it on the off season from high school. To me that is double dipping. We can’t use the gym because that is high school property even though we live in a county with no recreation dept.

I have lived here for 15 years and when I moved from San Mateo County I was shocked to see our library, find out we did not have a recreation center, or for that matter a better senior center. All of the developers of all of the new homes should have put in the money to pay for such things as a library, public gym and a decent senior center. These are things that attract new residents to the county.

If San Benito High School needs a new student union and better lunch room how about going to the alumni of the school. There are enough people in the county who went to the school with deep pockets. Look at Christopher High School in Gilroy. That entire high school was funded by the Christopher family and still is. Gilroy did not go to the public nor floated a bond issue for that school, which would have raised property taxes. Instead someone from the community who cares about Gilroy and the students stepped up and paid for the entire complex. People in this county and our schools have got to start thinking outside of the box. Look at the college and university systems around the state and country. They go to their alumni for support. San Benito High School you need to do the same.

Barbara Taddeo, MA

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Barbara Taddeo