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COMMUNITY OPINION: Guilty until proven innocent

Resident Randy Logue writes about COVID-19 and San Benito County's move back to the purple tier.

This community opinion was contributed by resident Randy Logue. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

One of the cornerstones of our legal system and our society in general is the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but with the pandemic our leaders have switched it to guilty until proven innocent. The San Benito County Health Department, in my opinion, is at or near the top of that list. With their announcement that we are moving back to purple and businesses will have to close down, or stop indoor operations, we are being declared guilty. We are being told we can’t have Thanksgiving with our families, can only worship under a very specific set of circumstances (I am sorry, but they have absolutely no constitutional authority to limit worship), we have to wear masks or we can’t conduct business, schools can’t open, and in general we are all “super spreaders” of the virus, but they have not released any information about how the virus is being spread in San Benito County.

Can they prove that someone caught it at a gym, at a store, at a salon, at a restaurant, at a school, at a church, at the movie theatre, yet they are all being restricted. I am familiar with privacy laws regarding medical conditions, but as the public if this pandemic is as dangerous as they want us to believe why not some transparency about where people are being infected? Is it at parties? At a school, is it at a certain place of business? Is it at the hospital? At a church? Where are people being infected, obviously something’s going on when we were averaging three to four cases a day for a few weeks, and now 15 or more. Are people catching it outside our county, and we are penalized for it? Why not a strongly worded press release from county health stating in the last two weeks over 50 residents have been infected at…

Then when the pandemic started, information was being released about the people who died, now nothing except on the website and it’s very general. How about a strongly worded statement saying that if you are in this category you are most at risk of a serious or possibly fatal case? As citizens we have the right to know in our county, not just the state where we are most at risk, and how the virus is being transmitted most frequently. I am personally tired of being considered guilty, that I am assumed to have the virus, that activities that I have participated in with no one getting sick are being singled out as causes. So to the County Health department I say prove it! To the citizens of San Benito County I say watch your personal freedoms carefully, and demand some transparency from you unelected and elected county officials.

Respectfully yours, Randy Logue

Randy Logue