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COMMUNITY OPINION: If our current situation was a professional football team

Randy Logue uses a sports analogy to look back at the last year of the pandemic.

This community opinion was contributed by resident Randy Logue. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

What if our current situation and quality of life were a professional football team? Sounds strange, here’s what I mean.

A professional football team plays a 16-game schedule. Typically if a team wins seven or more games the whole coaching staff will be back for another year. If they win five or six games the head coach will be back, but the coordinators would likely get fired. If they win two, three or four games the head coach, coordinators, several players and maybe even a few position coaches would be gone. If they won zero or one games, they would “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” head coach, coordinators, position coaches, most of the players, heck even the groundskeeper would probably get fired.

I would equate the governor to be the head coach, our U.S. congressman and U.S. senators would be the coordinators, the state senator and state assemblyman would be position coaches, the mayor, city council, county supervisors, school board, public health officials, etc. would be players. So let’s look at 16 situations (games) and see what our record is.

  1. California has the most COVID deaths of any state in the U.S. even though we started far behind initially. Loss
  2. California has 20% of all unemployed people in the U.S. despite having only 10% of the population (similar percentages in San Benito County). Loss
  3. Our schools closed exactly one year ago today, (full disclosure the rural schools and Spring Grove are open). Overtime Loss
  4. One of the two arson burned businesses in Hollister have not been torn down yet, several months later. Loss
  5. Mars Hill and Running Rooster are not currently open. Loss
  6. Many kids are afraid to leave their rooms, and go outside because of fear mongering. Loss
  7. Churches closed until recently including in Santa Clara County, even after the supreme court said open them. Loss
  8. Homeless people, many with mental illnesses roaming the streets, while we are “locked down.” Loss
  9. Grocery store employees are forced to go to work, while others (including educators) get to work from home. Loss
  10. “Non essential” businesses closed with no due process. Loss
  11. Complete loss of trust in the election process with universal mail in ballots. Loss
  12. Families not allowed to gather for births, weddings and funerals. Loss
  13. Vaccine rollout “uneven” at best, and downright “horrible” at worst. Tie
  14. Liquor stores, dope dispensaries and other “essential” businesses open, but the theatre, gyms, and indoor dining at restaurants not permitted. Loss
  15. Mask mandates, unconstitutional “lockdowns,” churches closed, protests outlawed, yet riots are permitted, neighbors encouraged to turn in their neighbors for having a “gathering,” loss of many constitutionally guaranteed rights with no sign of them coming back. Loss
  16. Youth sports, high school sports, recreational activities stopped despite no real evidence of them spreading the virus. Only after the huge lawsuit victory in San Diego did they start back up. Loss

I count zero wins, one tie and one overtime loss. If our current situation was a professional football team, the owner would clean house, and start rebuilding. Don’t let your elected officials off the hook just because they are feeling the heat and slowly reopening things. Vote people out of office, let them know you don’t agree, attend government meetings, write letters, and above all else, remember you are the owner of the “team.” You have the ability of hire and fire!

Respectfully submitted, Randy Logue

Randy Logue