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If I got this right, it appears that we are being asked to pay another full percentage point of sales tax on everything we buy so that the over-building and over-crowding of our home-town can accelerate. Well, if the waiting lines everywhere you go are not long enough now and the traffic is not already congested and scary enough now, just vote for Prop. G and you'll find yourself paying more for everything you buy and your quality of life will deteriorate even faster. The stress of overcrowding will effect your blood pressure, your mood will become more sour as you wonder more about why you're even living. Your health will decline faster as you are forced to increase your medications, you're less likely to go outside because the air stinks more due to the increased traffic volume and you're afraid to cross the street cause the drivers are going faster and with less respect than ever. Anyway, it is truly bad today but the future will be much worse if you vote for Prop G. That's why I will vote No on G. Our living standard is dropping fast enough, it doesn't need any help from me, and I can use the extra sales tax for something better.



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