COMMUNITY OPINION: Observations to help reduce contamination

Denise Olson writes that making local grocery stores safer may reduce the hoarding and short supplies seen in the region.

This community opinion was contributed by county resident Denise Olson and uploaded by BenitoLink staff. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

I wanted to share some observations that could help reduce contamination.

I am a senior with compromised immunity so shopping for myself is not an option for me. I have no family here and less than a handful of friends. I have found delivery is not available in Paicines and the pickup option at the Hollister large food stores are booked five days out.

Someone needs to address this and come up with some options for us rural seniors.

There needs to be some kind of monitoring in the stores…the one-way isles in Colorado is a beautiful intelligent idea to help enforce the six-foot rule so carts don’t pass each other.

The produce department is rampant with people touching produce for ripeness etc. Putting a produce bag over your hand, like a doggie waste bag, is what we all should be doing.

How can we get these three options to the public to make a huge difference in exposure? Making our grocery stores safer may reduce the hoarding and short supplies now facing our counties.

Thank you for taking your time to consider these.

God bless and be well,

Denise Olson

BenitoLink Staff