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COMMUNITY OPINION: On Measure G and the economy

Scott Fuller shares his reasons for supporting the upcoming transportation sales tax.

This community opinion was contributed by Scott Fuller of San Juan Oaks. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Our economy relies on transportation – that’s the bottom line. Our businesses, visitors, employees and overall economy can only be as good as our roads. Our roads are the infrastructure that supports a vibrant, positive economy. And the fact is – our roads are in terrible shape.

Christian Pillsbury, proprietor of Eden Rift winery explains, “We are an agricultural county, and agro-tourism is driven by personal vehicles. The number one complaint I get from visitors is the roads are horrible here.

“When customers don’t want to visit because of our roads, we have a problem, but we also have a solution – Vote Yes on Measure G to fix our roads. Measure G is a prudent, detailed plan to fix our roads,” Pillsbury said.

We are one of seven counties with an average pavement condition significantly below the statewide average. Progress has been made – Caltrans has fully funded 156 improvements, and Santa Clara County voters have taxed themselves to improve the 25/101 interchange. We must take the vital step in supporting Measure G for our economy.

Frank Léal, owner of Léal Vineyards, knows the wine industry relies on tourists, locals, and the agricultural economy of San Benito County.

“The wine industry cares deeply about our local county. We help attract the visitors who spend money at our restaurants, hotels, and other businesses to increase our economic vitality,” Leal said. “But we need to fix our roads with Measure G.”

Pillsbury agrees that Measure G is key to the economic growth of San Benito County.

“I’m supporting Measure G to for positive economic activity,” Pillsbury said. “The state and federal matching funds generated by passing Measure G are the only way to make real, long term, and serious fixes to our roads.”



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