COMMUNITY OPINION: Proposed Yard Waste Can Requirement, Whether Needed or Not

Those who recycle yard waste will want to think about paying for a green waste can they don't need.

This opinion was contributed by community member Kenneth Dunn. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Local government and the garbage company are proposing that everyone be forced to pay for a yard waste can, even if we don't use it, and the cost will be significant to those on lower incomes.

Many of us recycle and mulch virtually all of our yard trimmings or on the bigger jobs, we have a landscaper do it and they take the cuttings with them. A call to your Supe or Councilperson will remind them that we are not sheep and we can make our own decision about whether we want a green can. I'm told that we'll also be blessed with the occasional dumpster to be parked in our neighborhoods for all to use.

Between the weather and the dumpster-divers, this idea looks like a real bad one, but for an even higher fee, they'll tell us they can make it work. I don't know if others need their life to be more scheduled than it already is, but my calendar is already full and my list of bills is long enough, and I don't need a green can that will cost me $130 a year more. And I don't need a dumpster that will still have restrictions on what you can put in it stinking up my neighborhood.



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