COLUMN: Reasons to love food trucks

Francisco Diaz writes about taking a drive while hungry and the food he found.
Photo courtesy of Francisco Diaz.

This column was contributed by resident Francisco Diaz. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

The sudden hunger pains hit me to go out and eat something. Due to COVID, almost everything was closed by 11 p.m. From restaurants to coffee shops, even the stores besides the gas stations weren’t available for food services.

I got into my driving seat, hit the engine, and started driving to see where luck would take me.

Upon driving miles with the windows down, some noise hit my ears.

What was it? A roadside party?

The scent that came was different. It was a mix of salts, spices, and the distinctive smell of tacos.

I thanked god when I couldn’t ask for more at this point.

My hunger pains were shouting for attention. Driving towards the smell, I found myself at a food truck blasting loud music. The mixed smell of hot tacos filled with spices, meats, and much more was just the thing I wanted.

I wasn’t a fan of chicharron tacos until I found this food truck. The abuelita chef was an artist, and she was controlling all the flavors.

That’s when I knew, one isn’t enough. I needed more.

Keep them coming! I’m embarrassed to admit I ate ten tacos.

The tacos came from EL Rey Del Taco, there was an abundance of so many ingredients. Green and red chili peppers, cilantro, pico-de-gallo, jalapeños, habanero sauce, and guacamole.

You could taste all the flavors as each bite filled your mouth. I wanted to satisfy my hunger with more since they weren’t found anywhere in Hollister.

The city hasn’t allowed the parking of vehicles on the roadside after the implementation of ordinance laws. This prevents the food trucks from parking at nighttime and lets us have a mouthful of tastes. We lose the real sense of roadside feels and the vibe that comes with it. I only wish to see this in my city.

Some food truck to fulfill the late-night cravings of tacos and whatnot!

Francisco Diaz