Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

This community opinion was contributed by resident Francisco Diaz. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

The global prevalence of the pandemic has made life difficult for me, for most of us. However, the silver lining in the dark clouds hovering above me is my parents. I’m currently residing with my parents. It has brought back to me the nostalgia of 68 years even though I have lived only a half of that.

The mornings are delightful. I get to wake up in my childhood bed. I get to hear my childhood laughter echoing all around in the room. The stain on the wall in front is still my favorite spot to stare at. Probably, being surrounded by those who were there since my birth has made the child inside me come alive again. And by no means, I’m reluctant to love it.

I wish every other day were a weekend. Everyone does. But for me, it’s more important than getting off days from the office. It’s the weekend walk that makes it special for me. The soothing breeze, mom, me, streets of the town, and talks of everyone around. She loves to discuss my grandmother. And she is a wife too, so often, she is complaining about her husband. The part where she tells me about how my father doesn’t let her watch the television usually spreads a broad smile on my face. Thankfully, the town is small, and the walk finishes before I tire out. She stays fit enough to take another round, though.

Mom would have been less annoyed at me skipping meals in childhood than skipping the virtual mass now. We literally can’t skip them on Sundays. And Sunday is the day when I watch soccer with my dad. Dad is a complete soccer encyclopedia. He even knows the number of goals a player has scored against a team. Well, he can also name all the ex-girlfriends of a player too. I love to tease him by telling that his favorite team is going to lose.

Things here are still the same. My mom still squeezes my cheeks and pinches my nose. I am reliving my childhood. Just that I have grown up. I have learnt to appreciate the love my parents possess for me. They are just ordinary human beings for others. However, for me, they are the reason for my existence. They are the most beautiful people I have come across. I owe them a lot. I can never repay the debt. We all owe our parents. We should value them no matter what the circumstances are. Sometimes natural calamities help us realize our true friends. Just like the pandemic brought me back to my parents. It’s all blessing in disguise. And I am loving it.

Francisco Diaz is the Assistant County Clerk-Recorder for the County of San Benito and serves on the Board of Chamberlain's Youth Services and Community Services Development Corporation. Francisco is the...