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COMMUNITY OPINION: The landfill expansion is not a good idea

Resident Gary Cameron writes that trucks going to the landfill damage the roads and impact residents' quality of life.

This community opinion was contributed by Gary Cameron. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors

I was reading the article about the landfill expansion and would like to express my opinion.

I have worked in commercial law enforcement for the California Highway Patrol. During my career it has been my experience that big, heavy trucks are primarily responsible for damaging our county roads.

It’s very difficult to get back-and-forth to Hollister because of the crowded roadways at the present time. Being a dumping ground for Santa Clara County adds to our traffic congestion and road damage.

This is not just a an issue for those living near the dump. It is an issue that effects all county residents quality of life.

I doubt that the fees collected by the landfill cover the tremendous cost of repair to our roads.




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