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COMMUNITY OPINION: The progressive candidate for District 2 Supervisor

Laura Stampleman writes in support of candidate Wayne Norton.

This community opinion was contributed by Aromas resident Laura Stampleman. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Our county, small and primarily rural, has experienced a severe economic hit from complications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community businesses are struggling or have gone under, our revenue is decreasing which renders it difficult to fund the vital services, such as infrastructure, health services, and high quality schools needed for any livable, thriving community.

To be a progressive is, above all, to advocate for policies that improve the lives of all people, not just a certain group. This means equity in education, healthcare, housing and jobs.

I am a progressive and that is why I support Wayne Norton for Supervisor in District 2.

Wayne understands that to experience equity, people need good paying jobs, healthy air, clean water and affordable housing. To provide the services to which all are entitled such as public safety, infrastructure and education, the county needs a steady revenue stream. He knows that managed, sustainable growth is achievable. He also understands that to achieve these goals it is necessary to sit down at the table and do the hard but vital work of governance with people who may not always agree with you, but who trust you to listen.

“No Growth” and NIMBYism are not progressive positions. The smokescreen of concern for the environment and water supply (“lipstick on a pig” as so eloquently expressed by a founder of PORC) attempts to obscure the real issue of Not in My Backyard. I will vote for Wayne Norton because he is the real progressive in the race.

Dr. Laura Stampleman

Laura Stampleman