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COMMUNITY OPINION: Time for change

Hollister Councilwoman Carol Lenoir writes in support of Sal Mora for mayor.

This community opinion was contributed by Hollister Councilwoman Carol Lenoir. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Dear Voters:

I am writing today to ask for your support for Sal Mora for Hollister Mayor. As some of you may know I currently sit on the city council. It’s been an interesting two years. Some things I saw coming and some I did not. What I did not see coming was all the unpleasantness at the dais. This is why I am not interested in continuing. Life is too short; especially when you get older.

In Sal I see a gentleman that has stepped up to serve without having ulterior motives. Sal has come to many meetings over the last two years. Sal’s personality is one of constructive criticism. Sal can politely criticize but offer up solutions too. Sal will create the cohesiveness that this body so desperately needs. He will see that all five seats play a role in our representation. I wish I could have served with Sal as mayor.

I have observed local politics for 40+ years. I thought I had seen it all but I was wrong. If ever there was a time that this city needed new leadership, now is the time!

My household has cast four votes for Sal Mora. Please join us in support of Sal Mora for Hollister Mayor 2020.

Carol Lenoir on behalf of the Lenoir Family, Hollister, CA

Carol Lenoir

I was born and raised in Hollister. I spent my career serving the people in County and City government retiring in 2010. I have a husband Brian and two sons, Brian Jr. and Ricky. I frequented south county working and laughing on the George Melendy Ranch as a youth; but lived most of my life on San Benito Street. I was one of the first girls in FFA and the first girl to show beef at our County Fair back in 1973. I love this County and it's people.