Photo by Pixabay.
Photo by Pixabay.
This Community Opinion was contributed by Kate Levesque, Executive Assistant to Aromas San Juan Bautista Unified School District (ASJBUSD) Superintendent Dr. Michele Huntoon. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors. BenitoLink invites all community members to share their ideas and opinions. By registering as a BenitoLink user in the top right corner of our home page and agreeing to follow our Terms of Use, you can write counter opinions or share your insights on current issues.


No one is perfect.  With that being said, I see first-hand what Dr. Michele Huntoon brings to this district. An eye that looks to the future instead of staying in the past, someone that always puts the students first and truly cares what happens to them, an open-door policy at the district office, (although I rarely see teachers asking to speak with her to voice their concerns) and amazing intuition.

Even with her skilled intuition, she is not a mind reader and what is happening within the District is to say the least unfair. I know Dr. Huntoon would welcome any ASJUSD staff member, student or community member in her office, sit down and give them her undivided attention if given the opportunity.

The ASJTA Union President meets with her on a regular basis.  Why weren’t these complaints brought by the union to the superintendent as they arose?  Instead, it is handled with a “Vote of No Confidence”?

Dr. Huntoon works 7 days a week, sometimes until 11 or 12 at night, rarely taking a moment to think about her own needs. Instead of putting someone who has the best of intentions and works tirelessly for the greater good of the district on blast, it would have been nice to see a meeting between the union and superintendent in hopes of communicating the issues and working towards a solution.

In my professional experience, this is how professional adults should handle workplace issues.  Take the time to stop by the District Office and say hello to the ASJUSD Superintendent. She is welcoming, engaging, a great listener and an even better problem solver.  This district has someone who has a brilliant mind, willing to work tirelessly for the kids in Aromas-San Juan and really cares about what happens now and in the future of Anzar, Aromas and San Juan Schools.

We all need to remember that the kids come first always!  It has been a trying couple of years, to say the least, and especially difficult for school staff.  It won’t heal the district by bringing someone new to save the day. Healing will start when communication begins and a new superintendent will struggle with the same barriers that are preventing a healthy relationship between the school district and the union now. We have someone in the position that is knowledgeable and cares.  Work with Dr. Huntoon, not against her to make ASJUSD an amazing, safe haven for our kids to learn and a place where people enjoy going to work.